10 Ways to Find Gigs as a Digital Nomad

Natural light streams in from the floor to ceiling windows. Classical melodies sway around me as I sit at one of the many cherry wooden tables awaiting my first coffee of the day.

Like many days before it, I ease open the smooth upper side of my laptop to reveal a fifteen-inch screen. The Google search bar rhythmically blinks at me, awaiting my search query…. The main source of connection from my physical space in New Orleans to a cyber world swirling with job prospects.

Bouncing around from Australia to California to New Orleans has encouraged me to explore the elusive sphere of digital nomadism. Not knowing where to start, it took me months of diligent research plus trial-and-error methods to figure out the 10 best ways to find digital nomad gigs.

So, open a new tab and get ready to click your way to your first remote work opportunity!

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Full Time & Part Time Job Boards

Quitting a stable full time job that doesn’t support remote work is scary. Period. Stability, paycheck and company support vanish the minute you hand in your resignation. However, full time and part time remote jobs do exist. With more companies on-boarding remote workers, you're able to keep the most important benefits and add on location independence.

For example, Working Nomads is a great job board with constantly updated positions. You can even opt-in to receive the latest jobs in your inbox! Pangian not only has remote travel jobs, but also openings to expand your skills. And, if you want to search by remote companies in addition to remote jobs, take a look at Remote.co. The opportunities are endless.


TravTribe is leading the charge by using AI and Chatbots to recruit for job in the creative and marketing industry. With TravTribe it’s never been easier to find remote work for digital nomads.

TTbot handles the repetitive recruiting and screening tasks to streamline the candidate process. At the same time, it organizes the candidates’ information and matches them with digital nomad gigs through an algorithm. Run on Facebook, TTbot is natural and intuitive to use, especially for millennials!

It’s my first time encountering a recruitment bot and it’s the easiest platform I’ve used. It took me an hour to add all my skills and experience in the Chatbot and after that first investment, I was receiving remote work opportunities without having to comb through hundreds of listings. Use code Zakhu118 to register via Facebook Messenger.

Screenshot of TravTribe TTbot on Facebook Messenger

Freelance Platforms

Setting your own hours can be revitalizing – you can finally go to that 8am yoga class or attend that mid-day doctors’ appointment without feeling guilty.

The following platforms allow you to create your own hours, diversify your clientele and chooses projects geared towards your interests. Submit proposals, bids (some are set price), and pick which skills you want to use and voila!

Freelancer.com has an easy sign up process - complete your profile, add relevant skills and the platform aggregates jobs fitting for your expertise. Upwork, Fiverr and CloudPeep are other freelance platforms ideal for digital nomad gigs.

Previous Employers or Coworkers

Working in teams provides access to coworkers with similar interests and industry skills.

These folks are your best assets - they know your work, they can vouch for you as a trusted employee and they can connect you to others in the same field. If you’ve made a good impression, your previous employer may even keep you for freelance or project-based work!

First things first, make a list of people and reach out to them with your digital nomad plans. The results can range from informational interviews to direct job offers. In my experience, it’s been truly humbling seeing the genuine willingness of others to help with my career goals.


A powerhouse business platform, your LinkedIn profile is a one-stop shop for showcasing your positions, work experiences and media examples.

It’s important to not only have a complete profile for “searchability”, but also to engage and connect with others. Connect with everyone from high school, college, coworkers and friends of friends. With connections, your statuses (like inquiries into remote jobs) can reach hundreds of people.

Not only valuable for its social reach, LinkedIn’s remote job board currently boasts 164,200 listings. Many of these are exclusive to LinkedIn so you won’t be able to find them on other job boards.

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Facebook Groups

Although LinkedIn is a better social media platform for professional use, Facebook Groups surprisingly deliver value to the job search. Not only can you find a community of digital nomads and remote workers who can answer questions, but they’re also full of remote work opportunities.

Some of my favorite Facebook groups I’ve joined include Remote Work & Jobs for Digital Nomads, Remote & Travel jobs, and Remote Like Me.

There are many more and groups exist for each type of remote work (i.e software developers, designers, virtual assistants etc.). Sifting through the posts takes time, yet you gain exposure to unexpected opportunities. In the process, you may connect with other digital nomads!

Membership Sites and Programs

Sometimes it doesn’t matter about the quantity, but the quality. Paid membership sites need to provide a return for your investment which can come in different ways. For example, some employers give preference to candidates who come from those membership sites due to the typical high quality of the candidate.

Membership sites to consider are Remotive.io and Remote Workers Club. If you’re into blogging, I recently signed up for Superstar Blogging and their job board (though small) has already delivered two writing gigs!

Friends and Family

Usually your friends and family fall outside your target market when searching for clients. Yet, they're great for gaining access to different networks.

Tell your friends and family about your digital nomad ideas and ask them for a connection. Additionally, a status on their social media profiles such as LinkedIn or Facebook reaches a larger audience that you wouldn’t have reached otherwise.

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This option is more targeted at entrepreneurs or freelancers who offer services such as app creation, graphic design or digital marketing.

Although an unconventional channel, posting your services on Craigslist can cast a wide net. Almost ten thousand unique users visit the site each day! Plus, Craigslist doesn’t charge to post a business ad which is ideal for new digital nomads.

Consulting Businesses and Brands

Don’t wait for businesses or brands to find you, pitch to them instead. This is a long-term route as you need time to develop and grow relationships with the business you like. However, if you are confident in your contribution (social media, web design, sales etc) there is a good chance you can land a short project or a long-term partnership! Make sure you provide a media kit, portfolio and testimonials to back up your claims.

From remote full-time work to freelancing there’s a multitude of opportunities to be found online. Apply to jobs, connect with friends or old coworkers and optimize your online profiles. If you cover your bases and knock on opportunity’s door, you’ll be well on your way to a life of work and travel.

Have you used any of these tools before? Did you find this post helpful? Leave me a comment or question!

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