Top 5 Cafe's in Brisbane

Whether you're living in this river city or visiting for a short trip, here are the top 5 cafe's in Brisbane you must visit! Each with its own unique menu items to offer, you'll want to make to grab a coffee and a tasty meal from each during your stay.


morningafter is probably one of the most hip cafe's in West End. The interior is airy, bright, minimalistic with white, wood, green accents. It's a lovely spot for a catch up with friends or a get-down-to-business workplace. The atmosphere provides inspiration with outlets and sustenance in abundance.

I also love that morningafter was a dream of a mother and a son to start a restaurant of their own to share with the world. They also like to buy local produce and stock from local businesses such as Bee One Third, The Unrefined and French Twist.

Located on Vulture Street, it's just a couple blocks down from Boundary Street. It's extremely popular on the weekends so expect a bit of a wait, but don't you worry it's well worth it!

Photo: Blueberry vanilla hotcakes, berries, maple & cream + 5 Senses flat white

Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen

Miss Bliss is my favorite place cafe hands-down in all of Brisbane. Sure, I haven't been to every single cafe in the metropolitan area, but I've been to enough to rate this as my #1.

Why do I love it so much? The interior is beautiful, especially the outdoor patio in the back of the cafe. It’s full of rustic charm with a living wall full of herbs you know are picked fresh for your meal. The noise of the street is left behind and you feel like you’ve been transported far away from the city.

You’ll never get tired of eating the same thing either, because their menu changes every season. You feel like the menu should leave you feeling guilty for how good it tastes, but Miss Bliss only serves wholefoods that are unprocessed and refined sugar free in addition to being free from additives and artificial substances. Plus, you know you can trust the menu and ingredients because the owner, Jacqui Toumbas is a qualified nutritionist.

Photo: Seasonal Citris Bliss Bowl with acai, buckinis, coconut yogurt, kiwi and orange

Piggy Back Cafe

This café came on the map when a viral video circulated its way around Facebook for their rainbow coffee. It’s rare to actually be in the vicinity of something that has gone viral online so I was eager to verify the hype for myself.

The coffee at Piggy Back Cafe lived up the expectation with a beautiful rainbow swan floating elegantly on the top of my cup. There is even an option to add rainbow syrup to your coffee to make it extra magical.

Although the building doesn’t catch your eye from the outside, as soon as you step in the door the interior automatically makes you feel welcome. Imagine dark blue walls, white furniture and leafy green potted plants!

The menu satisfies the health freak and the meat lover whether you’re looking for nourishing bircher muesli or piping hot eggs & bacon. If you only have room for one dish though, I recommend the Red Velvet French Toast!

Piggy Back Café is located in Jindalee in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane. About a 20 minute car ride or a 40 minute commute on the bus from the center of Brisbane.

Photo: The infamous “rainbow coffee” & a rainbow brownie

NoDo Donuts

You can find Nodo Donuts in both CBD and Newstead. I personally love the Newstead location though for its minimalist feel with high ceilings, wooden table tops and white walls.

Nodo Donuts is unique for the “friendliest donut” which means friendly for people with different dietary requirements. The founder, Kate Williams, wanted to create a doughnut for people who are gluten intolerant. They are gluten free, but not vegan as they do include eggs that are local, fresh and free range!

It’s a place that believes in the best ingredients which includes free from preservatives, artificial flavors and colors.

Once you expose your taste buds to one of these babies, you’ll taste the difference. Soft, fresh and baked to perfection these little circles of happiness come in all sorts of flavors. Some of my favorites include strawberry hazelnut, pumpkin maple and valronha beets.

Don’t be fooled though! Nodo Donuts, although specializing in doughnuts has a delectable breakfast menu to match. I recommend their avo on toast or smoothie bowl, but really you can’t go wrong at this place!

Photo: Pumpkin Maple & Hazelnut doughnuts

The Corner Store Cafe

The Corner Store Café is located in Toowong and is an ideal spot for weekend brunch.

When you see the café it has a sweet, historical charm and that’s because it was converted from an old cottage into what we see today. The owners even renovated the back area to include an organic garden housing vegetable and herbs that they use in their everyday menu.

Due to changing weather and vegetables in their garden, the menu changes with the seasons. It’s easy to get attached to your favorite items, but have no fear, change is good! Each season brings equally delicious, healthy and unique options.

The waffles are not to miss out on, I had these pistachio flavored one’s last season while this season is the Black Forest special. I also can’t forget to point out how many amazing drinks they have available. Tired of traditional hot coffee? The corner story also offers filtered coffee, cold coffee, Sri Lankan tea, fresh juices and creamy shakes.

Photo: Waffles with Pistachio ice cream + fairy floss

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