How to Spend a Long Weekend in Noosa

March 31, 2016


Noosa is the perfect little getaway on the Sunshine coast - just two hours north from Brisbane! Here are the top things to do in Noosa for your long weekend!


1) Watch the sunrise at the beach and see the town come to life


It is difficult to wake up at five in the morning for those of us who are not morning people, but these sunrises are worth it. Because Noosa is on the East side of Australia, it’s perfect for greeting the sun. With the sunrise, you will be able to see the sun coming up over the ocean and all the magnificent colors reflecting off the water.


It is an invigorating experience because the beach is busy! The smart ones are the early risers because they know this little secret


about sunrises. There is a myriad of people – from dog walkers to joggers to sunrise enthusiasts. You can even see some people practicing their sun salutations as the sun is coming up.




2) Surfing at Little Cove Beach


Little Cove Beach is toward Noosa National Park. You can get there by walking toward the right side of Noosa Main Beach and continue down the boardwalk. Although this is a really popular surf spot, it gets really packed with surfers trying to catch the waves. I am also hesitant about this spot because it seems like there are so many rocks that you can be easily pushed into. If you want more of a quiet surf spot and are more experienced, I would suggest Alexandria Bay. If you are a beginner (like me) I would stick to Noosa Main Beach with lifeguards and no rocks to crash into!



3) Lunch at Betty’s Burgers


Betty’s Burgers is the place to be on a warm afternoon. They have plenty of shade and plenty of tasty food to satisfy those hunger pains. Betty’s Burgers used to cost just $1 in the 1970's when it started! The price has gone up since then, but I would say the quality is still spectacular.


I chose the Shroom burger filled with ooey gooey gouda cheese and I couldn’t have been more happy with my vegetarian option. Betty’s also sells rich, creamy ice cream and cold, refreshing beer. I was definitely craving one after laying out in the sun for a couple hours! You can find Betty’s in the heart of Hastings Street.



4) Build a sand castle or watch Arron McCormick build one


Noosa Main Beach has great sand – sand that is perfect for building sand castles! You can see a lot of people playing in the sand and trying to rival Arron McCormick’s amazing creations. You can usually find him outside the beachfront restaurants of Bistro C and Berardo’s hard at work. Yet, he doesn’t only do castles, but also dragons! To really accentuate the magical feeling, he even decorates them with tea light candles.



5) Cool off with a gelato at Massimo’s


There are several great gelato places in Noosa, but the favorite goes to Massimo’s. Massimo’s is just down the street from Betty’s Burgers and perfect snack to grab if you’re heading toward the beach or to the Noosa boardwalk.


You get two scoops of your choice, so load up! They have flavors from light, fruity sorbets to chocolate-y indulgence that will satisfy that sweet tooth. Only thing is they don’t allow you to do any taste tests which keeps the lines short, but the mouth wondering… I am very indecisive and have trouble picking which flavor I’m in the mood for, but I ended up pick salted caramel and coffee. I thoroughly enjoyed my two scoops, so pick your favorite flavor and enjoy!



6) Hike the trails of Noosa National Park


Noosa National Park is definitely a highlight of any trip to Noosa. This is the area where you can get away from the crowded streets and beaches of Noosa and hang out with nature. There are various trails for any kind of hiker plus you can always opt in to hiking just part of a trail! There are some hidden beaches along the way if you want more privacy. ____ beach is great for families and further into the park you will find Alexandria Beach which is informally a nudist beach. If you have half a day to explore the trail I would suggest doing the coastal track and at the end you can either loop back or catch a bus on the other side.



7) Picnic and watch the sunset at Noosa Main Beach


The crowds die down at Noosa Main Beach after 3 or 4 in the afternoon. The morning crowd is sunburnt, tired and hungry. At this time the sun starts going down and is not as strong or hot. This is also the perfect time to grab your picnic basket, fill it with goodies and head for a sunset picnic. You will find people all along the right side of Noosa Main Beach which faces toward the west. There are several tables you can occupy, but if the crowds get to them first feel free to sit on the rocks below the walkway. This is a great spot because there are less palm trees obstructing your view and a wide open space for observing the sky turning to those light pastel pinks and purples. If you’re trying to impress a girl, definitely bring some champagne and fresh raspberries as to top off this romantic spot


8) Shopping on Hastings street


Hastings street is a trendy part of town filled with cute boutique shops. There’s plenty of nooks and crannies filled with beach dresses, swim suits and touristy souvenirs. Some stores can be quite pricey, while others provide a great deal for the thrifty gal.




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