Bushwalking in Noosa National Park

Noosa National Park is a highlight of any trip to Noosa!

The park is big enough to get away from the touristy sections of Noosa that can get overpopulated and congested. There are several great trails with various lengths and exertion levels. My path of choice is the coastal track which takes you all around the park with far-reaching views of the ocean and waves below. This has easy sections, but also has challenging sections so make sure you wear footwear that provides you with ankle support. Make sure you block off a couple hours if you want to do the whole route which is about 5km one way or 10km roundtrip.

Cliffs in Noosa National Park

The coastal track goes from one end of Noosa National Park to the other. You can start at either end (coming from Noosa Main Beach or Sunrise Beach). We started from Sunrise Beach because we decided we would have dinner in downtown Noosa and have the bus take us back to our accommodation. The start of the trail is a little hidden, but it’s at the very end of the beach and the trail starts an uphill climb almost immediately. There are steps, rocks and narrow paths that make it a challenging start, but there are also several benches along the way where you can sit, take a deep breath and look out over the ocean.

There are several viewpoints and points of interest along the Coastal Track including the Boiling Pot and Hell’s Gate where you can watch the wave’s crash. If you’re lucky you may even see some turtles!

Noosa's "Boiling Pot"

Half way through the track you can venture to Alexandria Beach. It’s a great place for surfing and relaxing in the sand if you don’t mind the occasional nudist. Since this beach lacks lifeguards and isn’t as easily accessible as other beaches in the area, it’s become an unofficial nude beach. There is plenty of space to lay out, play games and run around which is hard to do at some of the more popular beaches like Noosa Main Beach.

Or, you can just walk by the water and feel the water wash around your feet until you hit the coastal track again. It’s a nice little break for sweaty feet!

Noosa Bushwalking

If you are interested in doing something off the beaten track, look for the Fairy Pools. This is an unofficial point of interest between Little Cove Beach and Alexandria Bay that is unmarked by the park. Someone found these pools at low tide by scrambling down a cliff, so search for these at your own risk. The pictures look preeeetty fantastic though.

Also look out for wildlife on your trek - there’s wild koala’s in the trees!

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