How to Buy the Right Backpack for Travel

I was on the hunt for a good traveling backpack for five weeks through Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia in 2015.

I had always gotten away with traveling with a regular JanSport backpack or a soccer duffle bag (or both!) but I knew it was time to upgrade to something a bit more durable and comfortable that would last me for several years.

After researching, debating and talking with friends I narrowed down the things that were most important in a backpack.

My choices came down to three backpacks: the Osprey 36 liter, Deuter 45 liter or Kelty 55.

I liked the Osprey because it was small, light and had a rain cover. I liked the Kelty because it was bigger and cheaper than the Deuter. However, I was drawn to the Deuter even though it didn't have the rain cover and was more expensive because of the below points. So in the end I went with the Women's Deuter ACT Litre 45 + 10 Pack and over the past two years I have been completely satisfied with my choice!

Wearing Deuter ACT 45 Litre


1) The straps and hip belt are both padded and frame is shaped to your back. This is very nice because the straps won't cut into your shoulders or hips when you walk and should not have back pain.

2) It was very light and it sat nicely on my hips. It will be able to bear the weight of my things without putting strain on my shoulders and back.

3) If you need more space you can expand the top to make room for an extra 10 liters

4) I'm quite paranoid about getting my stuff stolen and pickpocket from my time in Europe and I loved that there is a top zipper facing the back of your head where you can store your phone, wallet or anything else valuable

5) I also enjoyed the fact that to access the inside of your bag there are no zippers that can be easily unzipped. First you close the drawstring and put the flap over and secure it with straps.​

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